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Never give up

Failure is only opportunity  to begin again, this time more intelligently.            -Henry Ford World is a movie of ups and downs, we all are its main characters  trying to make our way up to the top. Only thing which makes the difference is our attitude, that do we push forward to overcome problems  or just simply  give up. Never give up doesn't mean to keep doing same thing in same way what we need is to analyze and be smart enough to change when needed. A real life example of the physi. Of never give up is " Japan " a country which has faced nuclear bombings and still face tsunami  and earthquakes  from time to time. But still it bounce back. Your life is in your hand you are its director, give it an ending  you like. Just have courage and stand up to the problems. One thing you need is " never give up".




For most of its 100 years existence, Oreo was consistently America's best loved cookie, but today it is a well established global brand. Mondelez International moved it into emerging markets quickly learning the rules of success in these unfamiliar markets, changing and refining the brand strategy and ultimately triumphed in winning over customers. This is the case demonstration how Oreo brand's successful entry into the Indian market was well orchestrated using the Communication Mix elements such as Advertising, Sales Promotion, Events and experiences and Public relations to establish the brand during the launch phase and subsequently stabilizing the brand in India.


Market was present in India by chocolates, beverages and candy categories. The company entered into Rs. 17,000 crore as a competitive India Biscuit with their lead brand Oreo in 2011. It entered into the Cadbury brand in India as it is the strongest brand in India, and initially focusing on awareness and rapid trials. The key objectives of the launch were

  • Gain a 1% share of the Biscuit category in the first year.
  • Build awareness, 40% trials and 40% repeat purchase in priority markets.


Communication and advertising have been consistent across many markets as the customer and the brand truths remain the same. The company focused on the "moments of togetherness" proposition for Oreo in India, with the television forming the main medium of communication. In addition, other media platforms were tapped as well. It also presented with the digital media as well as with the Facebook page,adding fans at a rapid rate. It created "oreo togetherness bus" which toured cities and made togetherness concept. It made a strategy with the consumer preferences with the brand.


Rituals play an important role in the lives of Indians, and they follow them with zeal and enthusiasm. Rituals also help in bringing people together. So, this created an opportunity for Oreo to bring familiar in the families together. The twist, lick and dunk became a platform to concept with the people beyond the product, and bring about taste, joyousness and family bonding.

Oreo's communication message focused on creating,

1. A RITUAL OF PLEASURE for the child, centered on the joy of consumption

2. A RITUAL OF EMOTION for the parent, that sparks these slowed messages of togetherness and enhances the bonding between child and parent.



 We would see in the ice cream biscuit segment, mothers are the buyers. Kids are the majority of the consumption. It warms the mother's heart by seeing the joyous moment in their kids eyes.

Unlike the mother, father spends less time with their kids and so the twist, lick and dunk concept grasped the opportunity around the people. The Oreo dunked into the Indian hearts. 


Oreo has been able to get a vey firm foothold in the highly competitive biscuits market in India by creating compelling differentiation at every level- in product offering in store in the tradtional and Modern trade channels by leveraging a unique consumer insight, addressing desires of them and establishing a new ritual. Marketing is all about creating differentiation and they won the hearts of the people by doing that and they are now the highly crowded and fiercely competitive biscuit market in India.

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