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Never give up

Failure is only opportunity  to begin again, this time more intelligently.            -Henry Ford World is a movie of ups and downs, we all are its main characters  trying to make our way up to the top. Only thing which makes the difference is our attitude, that do we push forward to overcome problems  or just simply  give up. Never give up doesn't mean to keep doing same thing in same way what we need is to analyze and be smart enough to change when needed. A real life example of the physi. Of never give up is " Japan " a country which has faced nuclear bombings and still face tsunami  and earthquakes  from time to time. But still it bounce back. Your life is in your hand you are its director, give it an ending  you like. Just have courage and stand up to the problems. One thing you need is " never give up".



MTR foods is a successful company due to their continuous marketing activities by focusing on what the customer requirement is! It is a marketing oriented company and also shows the legacy by catering the needs of customers and providing their matching products.

Any company or business unit is successful in strategy when it is able to map its internal resources with external environment and create value for customers in the process of revenue of the company. MTR is the legacy of MARKETING STRATEGY THINKING in the food industry for seven and a half decades. 

It is a marvel because it has the ability to stand in the environmental demand drives that dominates food industry with the appropriate marketing mix


The MAVALLI TIFFIN ROOMS commonly called as MTR foods is the brand name of food related Enterprise located in India. Having it's origin in Banglore, it has a restaurant now in Lal Bagh Road, Banglore and in 6 branches of the city, as well as Singapore, Dubai and  Muscat. This restaurant was closed in the period of Indian Emergency which was in mid of 1970 when the food control act was made profitable to serve food items until it reopened in 1984. This made the beginning of the entry into the convenience and instant food business, in sense a turning point. MTR foods is also the first company in the world to have frozen dosa, which can be heated and eaten. It is believed that MTR is the one who brought the  Ice cream vending machine to India.


Product - Marketing Mix

MTR foods is a food product company offering a diversified range of packaged food products. It includes items for breakfast, meals and in between meals like Frozen foods. It innovates continuously based on the products which matches the customers needs, wants and demand. The framework of customer vs product matching of this company can be understood as marketing Marvel Company.

Place - Marketing Mix

Place in marketing mix means distribution or channel for selling the products. It spreads it's business from Banglore, exports to several countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Japan, Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and United States. Their products are easily available in supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount rates, convenience stores and grocery stores. MTR foods have also launched it's E commerce platform from Banglore as a venture to move with changing times.

Promotion - Marketing Mix

Promotion is a tool in marketing to make the customer aware, inform and create a positive attitude towards company and products. The tool is advertising, personal - selling, sales promotions and publicity. It has organized sampling activities at popular places and launched several campaigns. 

Price - Marketing Mix

Price is the last one marketer but it is difficult when compared to all marketing elements. MTR foods are estimated as rupees 700crore company with growth rate at 18%CAGR. Its export is nearly 20% and sales in Southern states to 60% of its total revenue. It has launched it's web portal as much needed initiative to earn larger profits to cut down distribution costs. 

Win Marketing, be a Marvel!

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