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Commitment towards women empowerment through its R- Day tableau

  India Post has been serving the nation since the last 167 years, standing unabated in its dedication and undying passion of rendering postal, financial and government services, in the remotest corners of the country. As the nation celebrates   Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav ,   commemorating the seventy fifth year of independence, India Post, through the Republic-Day tableaux, has attempted to reaffirm its commitment towards women empowerment both within and through the Post offices. THE THEME OF INDIA POST R-DAY TABLEAUX IS  “ INDIA POST:75 YEARS@ RESOLVE-WOMEN EMPOWERMENT”   The tableaux shall showcase the following elements: FRONT PORTION: India Post stands as a model employer of women and with its mandate for financial inclusion almost 50% account holders of the India Post Payments Bank as well as the Post Office Savings Bank are women.   The tableau displays the robust outreach and the modern face of India Post that ties the entire country in one thread and aims to portray its focus on





We may be rich or poor, kind or cruel, beautiful or ugly, smart or weak but still we can accommodate a dream. Most importantly don't ever have a small dream:)Some people may not agree with this rather they would like to criticize on this.



The biggest fear is how to face the dream because of the present situations we might have right now or the threat of the future, but not let the tomorrow's dream destroyed by today's situation because of the fear. The biggest fear is how to face the fear. At once, if we face it with full potential, we will able to shape our future. It is all about the small things which creates a great impact on the future.



Painting our dreams is the best way we can do! At once when we come to know what we want at the right time we will be knowing how to get it also. Dreams should be balanced with the holistic vision. With the millions of the resources in the world, plenty of opportunities which we have in the world behind us and it really becomes silly when we start making small or selfish dreams. No one would like to carry waste things in the Audi right! Even though it has the capacity to withstand it, we won't do it as it does not perfectly. If some things are accepted by many it is not that we are also supposed to do that. Check out your time, area of interest and do great things because we are having power to do that.



When we come to know about what dream is actually, we can start realizing the true power of it. We start living in it to the maximum. Sometimes, we never realize the amazing talent inside us, we are all only learnt to see others talents and admire them which makes us to behave small and worthless before others. This kind of attitude is to be removed once when you realize at once.

Passion is what your dream is! We are able to distinguish between the real and the fake dream. If so, then we are also able to find the way for our dream. Successful persons are those who have a burning passion with dream inside them and that's why they are successful today and that success should not be a narcissistic one. 

Make a little star in you to shine bright in the darkest times. You are still unique even though we live in the mid of varied of varied people. It is good to dream, but better to dream and work. Faith is might but action is mightier. This is because action speaks louder than words.






If you have decided to grow and not ready to face challenges and hard times, there is no liveliness in that. No bird goes to a dry land, no cattle go to the empty field, no human can face a dream without the challenge and this is the bitter truth.

Make your environment suitable for your dream. Have likeminded people around you. No matter how hard the life goes or how people comment on your attitude, it is still good to achieve your powerful dream with broad vision.

Don't work your boss or leader, work for your dream because that can only give you satisfaction.

Don't wait for your winter, work to change your summer a super cooled one.

"A gem cannot be polished without fiction, nor man without trials", start facing your challenges and achieve your dreams.










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