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Social Media is effecting human life in many aspects like health,family relations, etc. So,I'll be discussing each aspect in detail below. Firstly, I would like to describe or define what is a social media,many of them may be know that,but I would just like to mention that. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? Social Media is a platform,computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas,thoughts and information through the building of virtual networks and communities.  Social media originated as a way to interact with friends and family but was later adopted by businesses that wanted to take advantage of a popular new communication method to reach out to customers. The power of social media is the ability to connect and share information with anyone on Earth, or with many people simultaneously. There are different types of social media namely, Social networks,Social news, Microblogging ,Bookmarking sites,Media sharing,Community blogs,social review sites,video hosting sites,Image shar

There is immense power in knowledge

 There is nothing  more sacred than knowledge , declare all the scriptures . Knowledge secures salvation , declare that  the upanishads . Such is the belief of great philosopher - thinkers  like Buddha and Mahavira , who seem to insist on Man's acquiring right knowledge "samyag - jnana". This knowledge  liberates a man from all the sorrows of life. It secures for him the much coveted freedom from the miseries of life. He wins the cherished peace of mind  , though life may continue around him as before. The importance of this saving knowledge lies in this very significant fact that it secures the release of man here and now , in this very life , and not offer him what may be called post - dated cheque of freedom from birth and death , whatever may be the importance of such an idea.  From early times knowledge has been taken as a sure means of freedom and immortality.

Immortality which appears to be the aim and the craze of man is in a way , a very interesting concept. Man fully well knows that everything in this world around him , including he himself , is perishable. Origin , growth , decay and death , appear to be the normal stages through which everything under the sun has to pass through. The body is too fragile to be in any way eternal . It is very frail and prone to fall at the very first severe attack or shock. It cannot withstand the onslaught of powers of nature , nor can it withstand internal anguishes. It lies prostrate before both. 

Naturally , in its constitution , the spirit has to be different stuff altogether than the body. Only in that eventuality , could it be free from death and other accidents of the body which it lives in.

The universe would require an omniscient  , omnipresent , perfect creator , who would need nothing else for his creation . He would need no helper in the process nor any matter , for he would be in a position to bring out everything out of himself. He would create universe out of himself  , as does the spider weave his web out of himself . Matter is inanimate and insentient, and so the spirit which is its opposite in these respects, must belong to the side of creator.

Knowledge is essentially connected with the Dharma , for this knowledge is the result of the exploration of the very sustaining principles of the universe and the human life . This knowledge tells man  all that he needs to know about his existence , experience  , his lot , his relation with the Reality behind the universe." Know thyself "  has been simplest advices given to man,  but it would appear that this injunction.. wrapped up in his passions and delights , fully engrossed in his own surroundings and gloating over the small powers that has been bestowed on him , man has scarcely given thought to these questions. When things seem to go all his way , man usurps the place of the Maker , and when things go wrong , he finds the maker  as a suitable entity to curse, a scapegoat for his failures , miseries and such an attitude of arrogance  does lead  man nowhere and he has  to think  of the problem  of his  existence , of the world  that surrounds him , in all humanity  , and must  make an effort  to find a solution , that appears to be on the whole , satisfactory  .  Death , the inevitable end of everything , must make  man look inwards  and seek answers in pure and intense  mediatation  over the problems involved.   Knowledge , right knowledge of these  problems  , cannot be had  in the ordinary manner , for the senses , the normal agency at the service of man  , fails him here. He must develop and sharpen sixth sense.

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