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Peace - A Way Of Life

To be peaceful is the sign of a conqueror. 
We have often heard people saying 'follow the path of peace and you will be happy', 'preach peace' and many other phrases emphasising on a way of living- Peace. But what is it really about? 

With reference of the holy Bible, peace is defined with notions like totality or completeness, success, fulfillment, wholeness, harmony, security and well being. 

The definition of peace changes with mindsets of people. For one, it is a sense of accomplishment, non- violence for another, salvation to a few and a lot more to others. But what peace exactly is? And how can we attain it?

Peace is acceptance. A vision of seeing things and extracting optimism out of it. Peace makes life easier.
To be satisfied is what peace is. To be able to look back at your life and accept all its darks and jewels is what peace feels like.
Peace is a state of mind where your soul feels calm, free from the dirt of hatred, negativity, criticism, inferiority and darkness. 

Peace  is the sensational numbness.
A sense which numbs all the negativity and hurdles out of your mind and fills it with a will to find ways out of the puzzle of life. 
When I say I am a peaceful person, it doesn't mark me as a spiritual person but a satisfied one. Being satisfied and thankful is the key to lead a peaceful life. Adopting the attitude of gratitude help you lead the path of peace. 

Peace makes life easier.
Faith on yourself and a belief on the creator makes it easier. For you then knows, you will make it sooner or later. When a mind is free from all hustle-bustle around, it gets time to figure things out, to ponder into the deepen cuts and wound it all. Being peaceful strengthens you to be powerful enough to conquer your fears and fate. 

Peace is the direct gateway to happiness. Ofcourse, it may not give you happiness just as you say it but preaching peace gives you the confidence and a belief of having a way out to every ache. It empowers healing. 

Self introspection is the fundamental unit of  peace
Only when you know yourself, you are able to work for yourself, with yourself. Only when you spend time with you, you know your loose ends and the strong walls. The ability to listen, to accept will only come to you when you let your arms open to witness the reality of yourself and embrace it. 

Peace can be anything that calms you down. From isolation to a person, it can be in any form. What counts is the resting soul, undisturbed by the mist of negativity forming around you, trying to break your will.