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Commitment towards women empowerment through its R- Day tableau

  India Post has been serving the nation since the last 167 years, standing unabated in its dedication and undying passion of rendering postal, financial and government services, in the remotest corners of the country. As the nation celebrates   Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav ,   commemorating the seventy fifth year of independence, India Post, through the Republic-Day tableaux, has attempted to reaffirm its commitment towards women empowerment both within and through the Post offices. THE THEME OF INDIA POST R-DAY TABLEAUX IS  “ INDIA POST:75 YEARS@ RESOLVE-WOMEN EMPOWERMENT”   The tableaux shall showcase the following elements: FRONT PORTION: India Post stands as a model employer of women and with its mandate for financial inclusion almost 50% account holders of the India Post Payments Bank as well as the Post Office Savings Bank are women.   The tableau displays the robust outreach and the modern face of India Post that ties the entire country in one thread and aims to portray its focus on

Collaborative Hearts And Minds Help Kids Cope

Source: ASIDE 2015 With the increasing questions we received from our sixth graders about the abhorrent news this past week, we realized they needed to do something to make them feel they were sending a positive message to help the world be a more peaceful place. Eleven- and twelve-year-olds hear the news, and most have far more access to content than their parents realize. Their questions abound and need an outlet. As middle school educators, we know this. Source: ASIDE 2015 So with our friend and colleague, Francine Wisnewski ( @fwisnewski ), we decided to bring hearts and minds together to let the kids create a message to share on social media and with the school community. We asked them that each finished design somehow include a heart, map, and peace sign. That’s it. How they incorporated the criteria and with whom they worked, or not, was up to them. We cherish the flexibility in our curricula that allows us to stop everything to promote mindfulness with our learners. It does not

Creating Logos With Students - Understanding Visual Metaphor And Symbolic Meaning

Source:  DesignMantic  (click for  full-size image ) Logos are short-hand, visual cues that companies use to evoke their brands. Effective logos represent automatic associations between a corporation and a customer. They connect a unique icon with an emotional reaction. This type of tidy pictorial design can also be employed to winning effect in the classroom. Students can use logos to study visual metaphors and symbolic meanings. They can experiment with thesis and synthesis, in boiling down a range of meanings into a concise, original image. Source: ASIDE 2015 History students, for example, can sketch logos to embody specific presidents or time periods. We had our U.S. history classes brainstorm logos for the era of the Great Depression. The designs featured in this post range from a juxtaposition of the Empire State Building going up while the stock market goes down, to a financial Dust Bowl of lost dollars. In studying literature, learners can similarly design logos to accompany a

Heart-Shaped Maps - Valentine Primary Sources

Source:  Wikipedia - Oronce Fine, 1531 It wasn’t until our students started making heart-shaped worlds as part of a way to  promote peace  that we wondered if there were any historical references. To our surprise, there were plenty. One of the earliest heart-shaped (cordiform) map projections by  Oronce Fine , a French mathematician and cartographer, was created in the sixteenth century. According to  Wikipedia , this might have been his most famous illustration and one that  influenced other cartographers , such as  Peter Apian  and  Gerardus Mercator . We love when something our learners do triggers a curiosity in us. Instead of showing our students the many infographics we’ve collected about  Valentine’s Day  that tabulate the amount of money spent by men and women on items such as  flowers, chocolate, and jewelry , we chose to show these beautiful heart-shaped maps that so wholly connected to their designs. As expected, our students delighted in seeing the connection to their creat

Design Principles For Students As They Create Visual Projects And Digital Stories

Source:  DesignMantic  (click for  full-size image ) Students are producing more projects than ever before. The proliferation of visual apps and the access to easy tech tools have allowed learners to create all sorts of digital stories and custom graphics. Yet, as Marvel Comics teaches us, with  great power comes great responsibility . It is tempting to assume that because children are growing up in a visual world, they automatically know how to decode and encode optical inputs. This proficiency is known as  graphicacy , which is the key to  visual thinking  in a differentiated classroom. If educators are going to  ask students to design posters and slideshows , then they also need to guide young learners in the skills of effective design. Any teacher who has seen children layer neon pink fonts on top of vertiginous purple backgrounds knows that kids don't innately grasp the keys to clean layouts. Source:  DesignMantic  (click for  full-size image ) The logo design firm  DesignMant

If Parents Can Work From Home, Why Can't Students? A Snow Day Doesn't Have To Be A "No" Day

Source: ASIDE 2015 We have another snow day today. The relentless snow this winter has forced many schools into crisis mode. Teachers are panicking about missed curriculum and make-up days. But with today’s access to mobile technology, shouldn’t there be a middle ground between all or nothing learning? Genuine remote learning should be a regular practice, not just a prediction. Even amid record-breaking blizzards, a snow day shouldn't have to be a “no” day. Students frequently get sick and miss school. Consider, too, how many times you've seen a kid in your classroom who really shouldn’t be there. He has his head down, or has bags under his eyes, or has his mind clearly elsewhere. How many times have you noticed a student who truly needs a break? She's been burning the candle at both ends, or has been bearing the weight of a bully, or has been negotiating a tough family situation. Source: ASIDE 2015 A kid sometimes needs a personal day. It used to be that a student’s absenc

SXSWEdu 2015: Education For All - How Far Have We Come?

Source:  TES Global An important and undeniable thrust of the 2015  SXSWEdu  conference has been the attempt to reconcile the nation's educational inequalities. Marquee panels and sofa conversations alike have centered on this notion of access – access to college, to technology, to careers, to mentors, to professional development, to contemporary learning tools. Last night's reception at the  Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library  made this theme immediate in bringing together historians and educators to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. Source: LBJ Presidential Library, ASIDE 2015 This morning,  Second Lady Of The United States Dr. Jill Biden  kept this dialogue moving forward in leading a summit by the  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  about redesigning higher education to fuel student success. Dr. Biden noted that education is the great equalizer, the basis for a better life. For this reason, she stressed, "Teaching is not what I do. It

"What Is Graphicacy?" — An Essential Literacy Explained In An Animated Motion Graphic

What Is Graphicacy?  from  The ASIDE Blog  on  Vimeo . We live in a visual world. Smartphones, television, Internet, and social media all push information in real-time, all the time. Visual media bombard us in constant streams. Learners of every age, therefore, need to understand how to analyze pictorial information. This skill of parsing images, interpreting pictures, and decoding diagrams is known as  graphicacy . The  motion graphic  (or  explainer video ) in this post describes the many reasons for graphicacy education. Maps, cartoons, and photographs all feature symbolic cues and metaphoric elements. An animated infographic itself can become a conduit for graphic instruction. Sixty-five percent  of people today identify as  visual learners . In fact, the brain processes optic inputs  60,000 times faster  than text. Yet schools and scholarship rarely apply the tools and time to train people how to understand all of these visual streams. Source:  ASIDE 2015 The Key To Visual Thinkin

10 Ways To Use The Meerkat Streaming Video App In Education

Source:  Meerkat The new  Meerkat  app has taken the tech world  by storm . Especially in the cubicles of  Silicon Valley  and the  newsrooms  of political sites,  early adopters  of  Meerkat  are trying to figure out how this real-time streaming video app will transform both social media and news reporting. In the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign, major news personalities have been  signing up  for  Meerkat  like their jobs depend on it — and maybe they do. Now, no political candidate is safe from a phone’s camera lens. More than ever before, any citizen solider can become a  news maker . Just like the Internet heralded the slow demise of the daily print newspaper,  Meerkat  may  spell the end  of corporate news conglomerates. Source:  Meerkat Essentially,  Meerkat  merges the best of real-time video sources into one app. It is a combination of  FaceTime ,  Skype ,  Vine ,  Instagram , and  Google Hangouts . It makes any person with an iPhone capable of broadcasting live TV.